Military Arms Excursion

Whether it's a scalpel or a wrecking ball, there's something exhilarating about operating a piece of equipment you're not even qualified to look at. To live that thrill with very scary guns, sign up for May 6th's Military Arms Excursion.

The MAE is put on annually by Manhattan Shooting Excursions, a high-end service favored by corporate execs and others eager to enjoy steel in their hands without risking lead in their buttocks. Like any other day, this one'll start when you're whisked out of town to an undisclosed location. You'll then be escorted to a foxhole, handed a military-issue rifle, and directed towards a target 550 yards away -- just over half the distance across which Martin Riggs assassinated that guy in Laos. Some arsenal options

  • The Armalite AR-15
  • The Uzi Carbine
  • The Beretta CX4
  • The Bushmaster Bullpup
  • The Springfield Armory M1A
  • The Armalite AR-10

Damn, fool

For more intimate violence, you can also grab a SWAT-style tactical shotgun, or practice "draw-and-shoot" techniques with a Glock 17L or Switzerland's Sig Sauer P226 (a.k.a., "The Neutralizer"). No matter what distance you shoot from, you'll scratch your soldiering itch, so you can go back to the relative safety of impersonating demolition experts and surgeons.