BK brothers open up Park Slope beer garden

Certain people can look at something unappealing and immediately see potential: dairy farms view piles of feces and see fuel, while Thomas Jefferson gazed upon Louisiana and saw epic, bead-covered breasts. Turning nothing into booze-slinging something, Mission Dolores, looking to open this weekend.

From the two brothers behind Cobble Hill's Bar Great Harry, Mission's the end product of their dream to not just open a beer garden but build it from scratch, a dream that led to a search ending in a beat up old auto shop lacking any drinking hole infrastructure (generally a good thing). Sourcing everything from the outside save the space's husk, the interior's fronted by an enclosed, exposed-brick-and-timber seating area (rocking a tin ceiling and thick tables made from reclaimed NYC fire wood) leading to a roofless garden featuring walls adorned with doors from a Greenpoint fire house and a lone pinball machine; beyond the garden's the bar itself, covered by a glass roof lined with wooden beams, and surrounded by brightly colored mug shot prints, which tend to be facilitated by the consumption of both mugs and shots. Eschewing bottled suds for a beer menu poured from 21 taps, yet-to-be-finalized brews'll be sourced from local concerns like Captain Lawrence, Kelso, and Sixpoint, plus interlopers that include Sierra Nevada, Stoudt, Hitachino, San Fran's Speakeasy, and NorCal's Bear Republic, whose major health care reforms center around pulling bee hives off of their heads.

Though they won't be serving food, you can switch up the hooch with a full range of liquors (specialty cocktails verboten), or grab a rotating cask pulled ale, which unlike a regular beer is carbonated without the use of artificial pressure, though as Jefferson's moves have taught us, artificial isn't necessarily bad.