An infusion of art can make any subject presentable -- for proof, check out nudes. Arting up shameful comic book nerdery, modHERO.Playing on an "intense and appropriately awkward love of comics", mod's from a former financial services art director who started using Photoshop/Illustrator to create modernist takes on classic superheroes that're arty enough you don't have to "hide them away under the mattress ", stashed next to magazines that make you hard as iron, man. Big names include a stern looking Captain America bulleting towards the ground feet first amid para troopers; a dis-armored Tony Stark chillin' in a hot tub and drinking martinis; and superman holding the Daily Planet's globe on his shoulders, a fitting reminder of how crushing the media scrutiny is on today's public figures stupid Ayn Rand was. Lesser-known subjects are tackled as well, from B-list X-Men Polaris and Havok fighting off a grip of aliens looming on the print's borders, to F-list Giant Man using a magnifying glass to cast The Wasp's shadow on his wall, to Power Man and Iron Fist bumping knuckles - seriously, Power Man? The dude's name is Iron Fist.The creator's also got a comic book in the works commissioned by Vic Thrill (former lead singer of The Bogmen), and's workin on cover art for the indie band Wormburner, also what you become when you get your hands on that book of tasteful nudes.