The internet will now clean your apt

A cleaner's supposed to make your life easier, but tracking one down can be onerous, and occasionally they're incomprehensible -- seriously, there's no way Lucy Liu would be attracted to Cedric the Entertainer in real life. Making the process painlessly digital: MyClean.

Honing their platform for over a year before recently opening to the public, MC's like SeamlessWeb for apartment sprucing, offering a stable of cleaners who can be dispatched with the click of a button, all overseen by experienced & insured field managers who'll spot check, ensuring there's no evidence of Spot. To get rolling, simply input your Manhattan zip (no boroughs for now) and apt specs, including # of bedrooms/bathrooms and total square footage, and they'll instantly spit back an estimate of the price & how long the clean'll take, which may need to be adjusted once they realize your lack of a bathroom doesn't mean there's less to clean. After choosing between a base/heavy clean & scheduling a date/timeframe, you can also provide additional instructions (extra scrubbing on the tub, party cleanup, etc) and even pick your individual cleaner from a roster including the likes of Zulma L. and Juana E., though sadly no Sheila E., who'll tell you to go crazy but won't stick around to clean up the mess.

Should you be totally bereft of cleaning supplies they'll bring (optionally green) tools of the trade for a small cost, and there's a rewards point system where steady users can nab a gratis cleaner -- too bad you already paid $4.99 for it and Barber Shop from the bargain bin at Duane Reade.