New York Comic-Con

If you quit doing everything you're supposedly too old to enjoy, you'd have nothing left but alcohol. Embrace your immaturity and hit the very first New York Comic-Con, a mega convention packing the Javits Center this weekend. The NYCC brings together 400 artists, publishers, game companies, and TV/movie studio reps -- if they're not here, it's because they're afraid to leave their mother's basement. Highlights include appearances by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, lewd thought creator Milla Jovovich, and director/chubster Kevin Smith.There'll also be movie sneak previews, the most tantalizing of which being Galaxy's End, a documentary about how Star Wars fans deal with having nothing left to live for. And you can be among the first to play new video game titles from Sega, Tecmo, and others, so you can sharpen your skills and quit getting schooled by nephews at family gatherings.NY Comic-Con is much more than sparsely mustached geeks arguing superhero minutia -- it's an extravaganza of graphic art, electronics, and Clearasil. If you're wavering, remember: maturity's a slippery slope. There's no reason to start down it now.