Newcastle's Quest for Originality

Enjoying fine things in unusual places only enhances the fineness -- like in the movie Fandango, when Costner et al crank open a bottle of champagne amidst the stirring barrenness of Big Bend, Texas, or in space, when Neil Armstrong et al cranked open Tang. Celebrating the enjoyment of fine beer in unusual places, Newcastle's Quest for Originality. Born in 1927 when Colonel Jim Porter brazenly paired seemingly incompatible English Pale & Dark Caramel malts (and so integrated into Newcastle upon Tyne life that it's referred to as "Dog", as in "I'm going to walk the..."), Newcastle's uniqueness is such that it's been granted Protection of Geographical Indications status by the EU -- a fancy way of saying if anyone tries to brew anything like it outside of Northeast England, they're liable to get sEUed. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this quality brew anywhere you want, and to that end...the contest: upload a photo (with a pithy caption) of you, beer in hand, in the most unique location you've ever had a Newcastle, be it a desert, or a didgeridoo festival. If deemed the purveyor of originality, Outside magazine will designate you a special Adventure Correspondent, and send you and a friend to the shores of a lagoon looking out on Pedersen Glacier in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park - and as you document this awesome experience with Newcastle in hand, you will be taking one small step for man, and one giant leap for beer-kind. Alaska? How cool is that? To get yourself there, check out

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