Food & Drink

No-Club New Year's

Bar Party:Ulysses' 24hr Bender95 Pearl St, at 58 Stone St; 212.482.0400; no coverUlysses is backing up their Casino Royale-themed party with a rare 24hr liquor license. That means Bond-girl waitresses, martinis, and legally flowing liquor from 11am on Dec 31st straight through 11am on Jan 1st. Shoot for this last call, and you'll be as dead as Ernst Stavros Blofeld. See the flye

House Party:Max; orders taken 'til 5:59pm, Dec 31To save cash, register with "THRILLIST" codeIf you're hosting an intimate New Year's gathering, this 1hr delivery service's New Year's page brings together everything you need -- chiefly booze (champagne, vodka, scotch, etc), party platters, and cigarettes, which you can puff like mad before feebly "resolving" to quit in 2007. They also deliver adult DVDs -- an invaluable service if your intimate guest list is comprised entirely of a cheese plate and Bare Assentials IV.

Roof Party:Ava Penthouse210 W 55th St, between Broadway and 7th; 212.956.7020$150 for 9pm-2am open bar/$250 for table seatMention Thrillist and save $30/$50To lord over the Times Square chaos, hit this penthouse lounge, where you can survey your dominion from the rooftop deck, or from the terrace outside the soon-to-be unveiled, floor-to-ceiling windowed Crystal Room. Your ticket also gets you a Barricade Pass that'll allow you to mingle with the mortals on the street -- which will seem like terrible idea, until it's 11:52 and every woman in the penthouse has already shot you down.

Girlfriend Party:DB Bistro55 W 44th St, between 5th and 6th; 212.391.2400If you're ditching your strange-poon-hunting buddies for a fancy dinner, try DB, staying open New Year's for the first time ever. It's upscale, but still we-employ-a-DJ casual, and you can pair your prix fixe with the world's finest champagne/sparkling wine: a glass each from France, Italy, Spain, and America. The pairing's $70 extra, but if you're not giving your girl the very best, you might as well ditch her for a drunk chick in a halter top and "2007" glasses. See the men

Wet Girlfriend Party:Juvenex25 W 32nd St, 5th Fl, between 5th and Broadway; 646.733.1330JuvenexSpa.comFor a midnight hour spent in heavily chlorinated passion, take your special lady friend to Juvenex, whose able staff have assured us that they'll be open for couples spa treatments all night long. Because there's no better way to celebrate the Ball dropping than by shriveling your own.