No Mas

There are two breeds of sports fans: the guys who feel personally insulted every time an athlete embarks on a Lake Minnetonka orgy cruise; and the guy who embraces athletes' weaknesses as confirmation that they too are flawed players in life's rich pageant. If you're the latter, check out Manhattan designer No Mas, whose modified vintage gear is the perfect complement to your cynical fandom

Tee ShirtsNo Mas' tees make light of seamy off-the-field exploits, with clever references to Darryl Strawberry's dalliances with baseline chalk, and Wilt Chamberlain's induction as the sole member of the 30,000point/20,000biatch club. Recommended: The fetching green BALCO tee. Now that he's no longer a client, you'll look just as muscular in yours as Jason Giambi does in his.

"Former Champions"The shrewd observer will notice "Former" stitched above the "Champion" logo on these hoodie or crew neck sweatshirts. The back is resplendently embroidered with the name of a sports hero who let down everybody but you. Recommended: The Pete Rose model, dedicated to the all-time hits leader who's at the dog track even now, screaming that everyone should take the under on the Reds game

Starter JacketsNo matter how artistically you upgrade a Starter jacket, you're still going to look like a Northern New Jersey Little League coach. But at least you'll be a wry, witty Northern New Jersey Little League coach. Recommended: The San Francisco Giants jacket with "Bonds" on the front and an asterisk on the back -- the perfect fashion statement while indulging in the neo-classic drinking game, "Illegitimate Home Run Record Power Hour"

Everything in Mas' high-quality collection is produced in limited runs, and he's totally down for customization. So whether you're looking to honor Tonya Harding's grainy home movie career or Jose Canseco's literary aspirations, you can commemorate their humanness in a style as fashionable as you are contentedly disillusioned.