Northeast Adventure Guides

Anybody who's ever dealt with a contractor has at one point asked themselves "Where is this guy, out fishing or something?". And yeah, he was out fishing, but now you can join him, thanks to Northeast Adventure Guides' spring fishing tours

Headquartered on a remote lake in a pristine corner of ME's Northeast Kingdom, NAG's a full-service outdoor adventure outfit helmed by a lifelong Vermont woodsman who formerly worked on Architectural Digest-worthy pads, but decided to focus on his true passion: sweet, sweet animal murderin'! Based on years of local experience, he'll lead true anglers through a grip of ultra-hidden, fly-cast only streams rife with enormous, Plains States-esque brook trout, leveraging his expertise to switch up feeding grounds and fly types as the day changes; less ambitious parties are welcome to stick to the lake, trolling for trout and landlocked salmon from a full-canvas 18' aluminum while enjoying frosty beverages provisioned by your host, who understands the true challenge lies not in catching fish, but in impressing them so much they start using the phrase "You drink like a Kevin!". No matter which option you choose, dinner's the day's catch roasted over an open flame, after which you'll retire to a lakeside wall tent equipped with a wood-burning stove, though real rustic types know the most authentic warmth can only be generated by the amorous spoonage of a grizzled mountain man

On top of tapping ME's pescatorian spring onslaught, NAG offers a variety of expeditions in VT and NH as well, sating your lust for everything from shotgunning migratory fowl to bow-hunting moose, finally answering the oft-asked question "Where's my contractor, hiding in the bushes and piercing the kidneys of 1200 pound beasts, or something?".