Nu-Kitchen<br> Wants to<br>Feed You

Eating delicious-yet-nutritious meals at home ranks right up there with "Become Dictator of Small Island Nation and Stamp Imperially Mustachioed Face Everywhere" on the list of things that sound great in theory, but in practice take too much time to bother with.

Actually, that was a lie. Find out just how easy and affordable gourmet home-nourishment can be, with a free one-day trial from Nu-Kitchen.

Nu-Kitchen's mission: deliver delicious from-scratch meals, all prepped by a murderers row of restaurant-quality chefs, right to your door, for no more than what you're spending on food already. Not tongue-torturers like "Chicken a la Kill-me", but seriously satisfying fare like Carne Asada, Bourbon Glazed Pork Tenderloin, and Orange-Chile Tilapia. Better, not only does Nu-Kitchen prep, they also count calories and ensure a healthy balance, freeing you up for more important things, like counting to ten while balancing a spork on your nose -- or if you're feeling particularly daring, a "forkoon". To show just how real-deal this is, Nu-Kitchen's offering Thrillist readers a free day's worth of meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks. To take advantage, just hit; then get back to plotting your own convenience-minded enterprise, "Nu-Armed Insurrectionists and Cultivators of Imperial Mustaches. LLC."