Experimental cocktails get added to foie gras doughnuts

Getting a license is always a big deal, whether it's a license to drive, or a license to kill, which is exactly what your license to drive is gonna be when it comes to getting totally laid, kid!!! Getting their license to serve, the insane Do or Dine

After months of whipping up everything from dumpling nachos to foie gras doughnuts, the team at DOD's lowering resistances to the weird with their fresh liquor license, so that foie won't be the only bloated liver at the table. On top of the ever-impressive "sh*t beer", the cocktail program will initially focus on classics tipples in three categories -- Spiritous (e.g., Manhattans), Sour (margs), and Other (creams, brambles) -- plus originals like the Pratt Fall (Cognac, lemon, honey, Smebby's Chai & Rye bitters), but expect forthcoming oddities like a Pickleback in which the briny half of the equation is formed into a molecular-gastronomical orb, a kind of "reinvention of the chaser"...as if you could ever improve on Hong-jin Na's 2008 crime/drama tour de force! Not resting on their licentious laurels, the menu's getting a hooch-friendly makeover, from pumpkin & peanut butter soup poured over "butterscotch bacon compost", to Pork Renderloin (pork rendered in duck fat) w/ wasabi marshmallows, to Chicken & Woffals: roasted-then-fried whole Cornish game hen topped with chicken liver pate and mounted on sour cream waffles studded w/ fried liver, which won't be the only...whatever, you know where this is going

And as brunch is for ballers, they're launching it on Sundays, amping up bloody marys with actual duck's blood, and plating up whimsical breakfast ramen sporting uncured bacon and a poached egg, so you know at least something at the table was recently laid.