Whether it was your last day of college, or the first time you had sex, at some point other interests eclipse a man's video gaming development. To get back to the games you once dominated, drop into NYCLAN.NYCLAN's an underground lounge loaded with 16 console stations hooked up to everything from Xbox 360s/Nintendo Wiis back to Super Nintendos. While they carry all the latest titles, they're also flush with old school fare like GoldenEye, Street Fighter II, Contra, and NBA Jam (featuring a pre-chunky Shawn Kemp, later famed for eating not only his own illegitimate children, but also Larry Bird's). Even better: reserve a time slot, and NYCLAN'll organize an event around your favorite classic. In January, they're hosting an open Tecmo Bowl tournament. In February, they've got no plans to host an open Nintendo Barbie tournament, but would at your hot pink request.NYCLAN can also help anyone hoping to master cutting-edge games/impress middle school-aged boys. Pay the standard day rate, and their staff'll give you gratis tutorials, then sit you down for unmolested solo practice time 'til you're ready for group play. But if you're truly nostalgic for your useless years, you'll forego Halo II tutelage and enter that Tecmo Tourney by emailing Then, spend the next two months restoring your thumbs to their pre-work/girls/liquor grandeur.