Your social studies teacher always told you that an informed electorate is integral to a functioning republic, but in reality, reading stuff sucks. Bone up with some pretty pictures, with Perspctv

From an NY adman, P moderates the info glut with attractively simple maps, graphs, and timelines relating to Election08, all created on the fly by tapping mainstream news sources (Zogby and Gallup polls, Newsweek, etc) and online mediums, e.g., Google search volumes, HubDub, and DayLife (which would like to remind you it's not a treatment for menopause).

Starting with charts, P displays Obama and McCain's popularity (News/Blogosphere/Twitter mentions, comparative search volume, web site daily reach), plus the likely popular vote according to CNN's National Poll of Polls: McCain 42%, Obama 46%, and 12% undecided on whether Obama gets foreign policy, McCain gets the economy, or whether Cindy McCain looks more like Meryl Streep or Glenn Close.

P also fronts a timeline of the candidates in the news (blogs, TV, polls, etc), a color-coded map showing each state's electoral/political persuasion (from "Strong Republican" red, to "Actually Tied" white, to "Strong Democrat" blue), plus a map depicting who would win if electoral votes were given only to Twitter users ("decidin f8 of Nation, lolz")

Beyond graphics, P also serves up a constantly updated stream of election news coverage from mainstream outlets and popular political blogs -- streamlining all those sentences-made-of-words, so you can efficiently ignore them and get back to counting the minutes 'til recess.