Fly high and explore the scenery of the Hamptons

It's easy to assume that the Hamptons are as compact as their name, when in reality the area's larger than 17 countries (and just try getting a lobster roll in Liechtenstein). For an adventure that'll help you take in the whole damn thing, hit up Peter Greene's Aero Tours

A solo commercial pilot since '66 -- he's that guy who sky-towed the always tempting "2-4-1 Ladies Night" ads -- Greene will take you and one other passenger (two if they took bikini season seriously) on a sweeping tour in his Piper Cherokee 140, lasting from 30 minutes to two hours, thus avoiding the infamous perils of the three-hour tour. Taking off from East Hampton Airport, you'll perform fly-bys of the villages (East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Southampton...), then provide a fresh vantage on classics from the Montauk Lighthouse to the Shinnecock Canal from 1,000 feet, from which height the white-pantsed people below will look like a pale species of ant, capable of lifting 1/20th of their own body weight! The tours can also fit in some highlights you might otherwise miss entirely: Shelter Island, the surfers at Ditch Plains, and the beach estates in East Hampton and Southampton -- buzz Billy Joel's pad, and you'll give him a heart attack-ack-ack-ack.

The tours are $90 for the half hour, $170 for the hour, and $340 for two hours -- enough time to truly explore the Hamptons, or ride a Big Wheel around Andorra.