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Pravda Anniversary Party

This Sunday, Pravda marks its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the SoHo standby's inviting New Yorkers to party like it was 1996. In Russia

For a decade now, locals have ducked into this subterranean lounge to sip vodka, sample Franco-Russian hors d'oeuvres, and evade vicious NoLita street toughs. During this seven-hour bash they'll treat loyal patrons to live Russian entertainment and impossibly cheap drink specials to help you deal with live Russian entertainment

When you go:

Bring Cash: At the door, they'll be converting American currency into Rubles, which patrons can then flip for price-slashed ($3) cocktails and ($6) snacks. Credit card users pay full price -- and deserve to for not reading this email.

Slug a "Pravda Muscovy": Pravda's anniversary cocktail, made with house-infused orange vodka, will be available only thru April -- after which the bartenders will deny ever having heard of it, making you doubt the drink even existed

Ice Luge: There'll be a shot luge at the upstairs bar -- kind of like a DKE party, without a bunch of Dekes. Imperia Vodka will flow through the grooved ice like honey, only faster. And more stupefying.

This'll most likely be a packed house -- so show up early, but don't worry about bringing a birthday present. Your willingness to exploit Pravda's generosity is all the gift they need.