Quinto Quarto

As an ambitious restaurant, once you've conquered the respective world capitals of haute couture and fancy gambling, where else would you go but the world capital of finance, theater, dubious film academies, holistic pet care, pashmina scarf hucksters, Ray's, and even Not Ray's. Bringing their globally esteemed Italian to Manhattan, Quinto Quarto

A boite that inflects date-friendly coziness (exposed brick, wood beams and flooring) with a touch of Italian Roadhouse (vintage Ital road and beer signage), QQ's from an Italian trio that opened two plaudit-winning restos in Milan, expanded into Monte Carlo, and now's arrived in NY flush with Baccarat winnings, just like they'd planned. The mostly local-sourced, Lazio-style menu bursts with the likes of pollo al rosmario con patate (rosemary chicken w/ gnocchi), coniglio alla romana (wine-braised, boned, and rolled rabbit shoulder), and coda alla vaccinara, a parboiled, herb-heavy oxtail stew derived from a same-named ancient delicacy made with a calf's hide, entrails, and tail (here's to progress). To wash things deep into your belly, there's an all-Italian wine list, plus unmolested classic cocktails, and a slew of cordials -- approach them with enthusiasm, and the waiters'll call you Big Grappa

In the next few months, QQ will open a 25-seat backyard patio, appropriate, as we're also the world capital of Crapping Your Pants Over Even Fleeting Opportunities to Not Be Inside.