Rachel Comey Shoes

Come autumn, it's time to get serious again about your job -- no more summer Fridays, or wearing sunglasses all through summer Mondays. Make sure your feet follow your lead, with Rachel Comey.Work-friendly oxfords and slip-ons in sleek browns, blacks, and greys, Comey's eponymous line got its break when David Bowie wore her gear on Letterman, making him The Man Who Sold the World...on her shoes. Starting with loafers, Comey hawks one canvas oxford (the lace-up Flint w/ wood heel) plus several leather jobbies, e.g., the lace-up Webb Toe Cap w/ reinforced leather stitching, the slip-on Ballard w/ stretch nylon ankle extender, and a wood-heeled, whiskey-colored leather lace-up oxford called The Derringer (if someone points out that's a lady's gun, kick him as hard as you can -- you only get one shot). Comey's also got you in rough grain leather and wood-heeled "Desert Boots", with ankle-high coverings to protect you from Midtown's swirling soot, grit, and bagel seeds.Also available's one full boot -- the black leather/wood-heeled/rubber-soled Browning, for rededicating yourself to that most serious career pursuit: looking taller.