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A beer garden grows in Brooklyn

Off the first Williamsburg L stop, RB's a massive Polish/Slovakian drinking hall, complete w/ retractable roof panels -- finally answering the timeless question, "How many Poles does it take to build a drinking hall w/ retractable roof panels?". Split into two rooms, you can spend your time at a communal table in the brick-laden, high-ceilinged "garden" half of the equation, where a grill station kicks out and endless stream of brats, venison sausages, kielbasa, weisswursts, and more......or cozy up to the bar in the wood-paneled dining room to watch the taps fill stein after giant stein with Dentergems Witbier, Hacker Pschorr Weisse, and other impossible-to-pronounce-even-when-you're-sober Euro suds. Mix in a few of their staggering 120+ cordials & a flyby from the house oom-pah band, and you may actually have an excuse for not knowing where the hell you are.Photos: