Post Thanksgiving grubbage

Thanksgiving spreads are great, but perhaps equally awesome are the leftovers with which you can stuff yourself without having to listen to an intoxicated Aunt Gina graphically describe who's currently stuffing her. This year, fill your (ply)mouth with these simple-yet-next-level day after recipes.

Leftover Turkey SoupFrom Chris Cheung, Stand4 Inspired by an inexplicable weariness of turkey sandos, the recipe came after experimenting with a fridge-full of leftovers, and throws just about everything into a pot with some water to magically churn out a turkey vegetable soup with a gravy broth, a recipe everyone will agree is quite Progresso-ive.

Everything'll be gravy if you just follow this recipe

Thanksgiving Fried RiceFrom Craig Koketsu, The Hurricane Club Taking a more exotic route with the traditional day afters, this Polynesian twist tosses turkey, gravy, stuffing, and even some bacon in with delivery fried rice (hopefully your fortune will teach you the Chinese for "lazy").

Jew Christmas is coming to Thanksgiving if you make this

The Sloppy TomFrom Jawn Chasteen, The Sea Grill Mixing up turkey legs and cranberry fixins with a few standard pantry items (BBQ sauce, paprika...a whole stick of butter), drop this delicious mess on a toasted potato bun and you've got the Thanksgiving equivalent of a Sloppy Joe, which previously depended solely on how much McCarthy drank at dinner.

Get sloppy squared thanks to this here recipe

Fall Spiced Old FashionedFrom Willy Shine, The Cocktail Collective and Forty Four at the Royalton Preventing any post-T Day buzzkilling, this Autumnal take on the classic Old Fashioned calls for rum, maple syrup, nutmeg, and multiple bitters, as if you didn't get enough of those the day before.

Forget your scarring family interactions with this tasty mix