Sex + Dating

Richard Easton

Many women fancy themselves expert matchmakers, but if they truly understood men they'd skip the part about their friend's "sense of humor" and tell you about her sense of rack. Get hooked up from a man's perspective, thanks to Richard Easton.Initially hopping the globe after making cake selling the bank he founded straight out of college, Easton decided to fill a gaping vacancy he saw in the dating service game after he hired a preeminent relationship guru and ultimately realized she couldn't relate to his natural desire to fill gaping vacancies. Traveling the world to personally meet each female candidate (most of whom're referred by already-vetted she-members), potential matches undergo intense screening in areas like intelligence, career ambition, physical attractiveness, and family background, which hopefully includes lots of money even more intelligence! Hooking you up with said sexy begins with a casual man-to-man drink session covering everything from your career goals, to lifestyle, to previous relationship pwns, to T vs A, plus other components critical in finding your ideal woman; once he knows your steez, he'll lay down photos of appropriate soul mates/women you'll just fruitlessly try to lay down.If you're single due to horrific gamelessness, he'll help burnish the fundamental you with wardrobe/home stylist consults, etiquette tips & conversation starters, and even VIP reservations at restos/lounges normally off limits to mere mortals -- claim you don't need any of it, and then it's just down to your rack, 'cause you've got sense of humor down.