Our cinema loves the notion that Japan could benefit from a shot of American heart, whether it's imbuing a goal-oriented car company with personality, or imbuing a baseball team with Tom Selleck's mustache. Returning the favor sartorially, Sabit's new spring line.The product of a Japanese designer who came stateside to set up shop in NYC, Sabit deftly mashes up American heritage styles and iconography with the Asian isle's street-forward sensibility, resulting in gear so bleeding edge they claim you could "fit right in at a party in downtown Tokyo" (and not just because of your Miss Kitty backpack). Fresh outwear includes the varsity jacket-aping nylon Cire, which rocks striped red/navy/white cuffs & a standup half-collar, but's plastered with an enormous, striped S logo on the chest; the army green French terry Swizz, an aeronautical homage with oversized & overlapping button-down lapels and an off-center zip; and the 100% cotton, 60s-college-prep-style Park, whose understated silhouette's covered in giant Cub Scout-ish patches, cause Emergency Preparedness is huge, son! Lighter chest swaddlings include buttondowns both shortsleeved (the tightly-checkered, pink-or-green Lite, with attached novelty-sized bow-tie) and long (the West, made from engineer-style striped cotton, rocking a cowboy style yolk), plus ring-spun cotton jersey tees with designs like a guitar-wielding Statue of Liberty surrounded by the phrase "We Rock The Universe", because when you are the world, everything is your arena.Wrapping it up's a smattering of cotton oxford knee shorts, plus two 13oz selvage jeans rocking loads of patches on da butt -- pick up at least one, because nobody's Gung Ho about seeing your Mr. Baseballs.