Said in Bed

From the most invasive public surveillance video rig, to those upskirt cams constantly catching you at your most sexily vulnerable, you just wouldn't have any privacy at all anymore if it weren't for sweet, sweet pillow talk. Well guess what: you weren't good, and everyone knows it now, thanks to Said in Bed.

Bed's a NY-based blog that publishes user-submitted conversational snippets from "before, during, and after the most intimate of moments" -- like Overheard in NY, but overheard by the person you're under-satisfying. The site casts an anonymous but still glaring spotlight on a wealth of coital situations, from touching flattery ("I love doing pumpum with you"), to experimental positions ("We can't do it here! This is where dead people are!"), to wide-eyed incredulity ("I thought you were gay"). Bed's so committed, they don't even flinch from discussing the most perverse sex toys imaginable, to wit: "'Do whatever you want to me.' 'Can I have your Darth Vader figurine?'".

Though the rule's "anonymity assumed", "credit and linkage" is gladly given -- so even without the cams, everyone can get a sexy eyeful of your vulnerable blogspot.