Shirt Shoppe

From battling bag-wielding scrums of puff-coated shoppers to wading through bogs of poo-hued snow, hot damn, shopping during the holidays sure is neat. Instead, purchase in cloistered comfort, with Obedient Sons' new web store.

A brand that claims inspiration from mid-century Americana (pinhole cameras, Polaroids, porcelain dogs...) but actually puts out nightlife-friendly office casual gear, OS now hawks their button-downs, jackets, and accessories in a web store of their own, cutting out a series of cumbersome middlemen via everyone's favorite series of tubes. Dressy-ish gear starts with three 100% cotton button-downs (the Weekender in red pinstripe/black oxford, the Everyday in pinstripe/oxford/check, and the Withnail in black stripe or solid white) plus one blazer, the diamond-patterned black wool Lux Continental -- so comfy, it's like wrapping yourself in the most supple spread of danishes and mini-cereals. In case you grudgingly lumber outside, OS also rocks cold-weather gear like navy or heather gray beanies of alpaca and wool, scarves of black lana wool and silk, and "stretched out" cardigan sweaters -- made with alpaca and wool for warmth, and nylon for fat people.

In celebration of their launch and the holidays, OS is offering 30% off everything; to round out the holiday effect, feel free to get into an altercation with your sleeping bag, and plunge your foot into the toilet.