A Smartphone Without Contracts

Smartphones might be smart, but paying insane amounts of money and locking yourself into terms that compare unfavorably to contracts baseball players signed back in 1918, well, that's just dumb. Instead, save cash and avoid contracts entirely, with the new Samsung Code™, from MetroPCS hitting stores early next week. Coming to NY in a few short days, the Code's a fully functional Windows Mobile® Smartphone that features advanced HTML web browsing, a 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder, up to 32GB of memory and access to email, be it corporate, personal, or that alias account you maintain to fire off disturbingly impassioned messages to congressmen and sportswriters, but mostly sportswriters. Despite the Code's unimpeachable technological smoothness, always-strong unlimited service through MetroPCS only runs $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, web and email (as opposed to $100+ with other carriers), with the first month coming at you FREE, just like Dum Dum Pops at the bank. Better yet, you never, ever have to sign a contract, sparing you the twin burdens of obligation, and remembering how to write in cursive. MetroPCS is also offering Thrillist readers a little something extra: email us for a chance to win two tickets to their Halloween Masquerade Ball featuring Weezer, Matt & Kim, and PT Walkley. After sending in that email, get more info/sign up here -- because going with another plan would defy logic, and leave you a financial Shoeless Joe.