The Internet's a godsend for obsessives, allowing them to indulge their borderline insane tunnel-vision without having to physically meet like-minded compatriots, who clearly have something wrong with them. Satisfy kick obsessions from the safety of your computer, with SneakerListing.

From a Columbia Engineering grad and a FreshnessMag tech consultant both named Ray, Listing's a free site for buying/selling premium footwhips both new and gently used, letting you literally know what it's like to walk a mile in another man's fly-ass limited editions. Searchable by brand/size/condition/price/etc, current stock's heavy on the Jordans, with a smattering of Spizikes (a lightly worn black & red colorway w/ neon green toe; fresh True Blues in original box); an Olympic Retro 6 whose white body's punctuated by bold green/blue/yellow/red midsole details; and an 11/12 Countdown Pack which comes with two pairs, one black and one white, suggesting that to the other MJ, sometimes it does matter. More exclusive drops include a grip of Kanye-designed Air Yeezy's (black, gray, and flesh-colored); the reptilian green-to-yellow Nike Foamposite Lite Kryptonates worn by Nate Robinson during his sprightly Slam Dunk performance; and Back to the Future-inspired McFly HyperDunks, with ultra-light "Flywire" technology substituting for the "power laces"...poorly.

All sales are handled directly by the buyer/seller, with accurate product info ensured via a user rating system -- though if you think a bunch of obsessives won't find something wrong with everything, you're crazy.