Southern Comfort Presents: underCOVER

There's nothing cooler than seeing a band honor its influences -- the seminal acts that inform everything from its music, to its message, to the exhilarating tightness of its members' pants.

Actually, one thing is cooler: getting to see it all just by asking for an invite. Do just that, with Southern Comfort Presents: underCOVER, coming to the Jersey Shore August 27th.

Brought to you by the spirit so surprisingly versatile you can use it to craft a margarita, martini, or Manhattan, underCOVER is a 10-city concert series starring either "choral symphonic rock" act The Polyphonic Spree, two-man power-disco wrecking crew Ghostland Observatory, or Springsteen-punk poets The Hold Steady, plus Flavor Flav-championed opener DJ Lord of Public Enemy, whose scratching is so thunderous, you will think he rolled around in poison oak. The bands will tear through their own tunes, and scorchingly respectful interpretations of their idols'; each show will feature reality-bending visual effects, and a revolutionary encore that will make all other encores seem about as exciting as two hours on a Precor Elliptical.

The Shore isn't that far down the road. To get your ticket, just text in "JERSEY SHORE" to 68405, and after verifying your age, you'll be sent an invite, followed by an admission code to flash at the door. You can also RSVP via the Southern Comfort fan page on Facebook, where you'll also find updates, highlights, and photos so exhilarating, your own pants will get even tighter.