Step Into the Max Draft Suite

Fantasy Football drafts are epic events, but what if the place you're holding yours is the opposite of epic -- do you really want your draft to be cipe? Enter here for free reign over Thrillist and Pepsi Max's fully loaded alternative: The Max Draft Suite, at the Inc Lounge in the Time Hotel. Through Wednesday Sept 2nd, Thrillist & Pepsi Max are hosting Maxed-out selection bashes for 10 lucky FFB leagues at the Time's Inc Lounge, which, for the occasion, will be packed with everything you could possibly need for the most important day of the year:

• Plenty of Pepsi Max • And Plenty of refreshments to mix with your Plenty of Max • A backdropped podium for commissioners to make gripping announcements, like "And with the third pick, 'The Friend Zone' takes...hey, shut up, that's a great name" • A staggering spread of bbq, wings, and manly dips from tailgating experts Tailwaiters • A King of Shaves straight-blade shaving station • Masseuses (brilliant prognostication can cause tension in the trapezoids) • Signed footballs and other merchandise to give league winners a prize beyond bragging rights • A pool table, plus stations for getting your Wii Football on • Fittings of custom suits, in case you get drafted some day For a shot at getting your league into this epic space, just click here. Anything less, and you might as well be drafting for fantasy soccer.