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When it comes to the contents of your fridge, no question causes more anguish than "Is it still edible?", except perhaps "But what if I'm really hungry?". Clear up your doubts at comprehensive perishables database, NY-based Tasty answers two pressing questions -- "how long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty?" and "what's the best way to store it?" -- so you can finally stop grumbling "there are no leftovers, only Zoul". Just search for specific foods or browse by category for hundreds of items, their suggested refrigeration/freeze maximums, and storage tips; prime examples include cut avocados (3-4 days fridge time, wrap in plastic), unopened hot dogs (one week after the "use by" date), and herbs and spices, which turn after 3yrs (now you orega-know). Tasty also answers hard-hitting, user-submitted food safety questions, e.g., "Is it necessary to rinse raw chicken before cooking?" (no), "Is it safe to refreeze meat after it's thawed?" (sometimes), and "I Left Pizza Out Overnight -- Is it still safe to eat?" (no, you disappoint me, and you should be dead). Tasty also publishes longer food safety treatises under "Shelf Life", where they reveal "The Secret to Keeping Fruit Luscious" and answer questions like "Expiration Dates: Should you pay attention?" -- an issue so unexpectedly complicated, reading through it'd cause you more anguish than just throwing the damn thing up.