The wiliest investors trust nothing so much as their gut -- a successful strategy, until the sheer volume of news turns you into a giant quivering colon. Outsource your oversight to cold, omnipotent computers, with StockMood

Co-founded by the research director for the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence ("Advance Innovation, Advance Humanity") and just in time for the stock-ocalypse, Mood's an AI-driven market tracker that "reads" hundreds of daily news stories, judges their potential impact on investor confidence, and gives you short-lead notification before the price actually fluctuates, thus relegating your intuition to the likes of "Stars: are they just like us?".

The very basics: For every news item, Mood applies a pos/neg "sentiment score"; those sentiments add up to affect a stock's overall mood (annotated by smiley/frowny/neutral emoticons) -- stocks that have a momentum of "good" tend to shrug off bad news, while stocks plummeting in mood cry over bad news, and respond to good news with all the enthusiasm of Richard Lewis.

When a stock's mood moves excessively high or low compared to its average, Mood'll issue an alert saying there's a high probability of price fluctuation in the next five days, allowing you enough time to deposit your doubloons in Mattress Savings and Loan

To begin tracking, simply sign-up and search by symbol; you can add individual stocks to your watch list, or monitor entire industries -- leaving your gut free to do what comes natural, and become totally full of sh*t.