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Stone Street Oktoberfest

It's hard to get excited about Oktoberfest when you're living in NYC, surrounded by Nuts4Nuts carts and "Dan Smith Will Teach You Rock And Blues Guitar" posters. For worldly guzzling w/ an authentic feel, hit Stone Street's O'Fest this Saturday.The SSO's eight straight hours of everything that makes Oktoberfest (and otherwise-suspect Germany) great: ample-bosomed ladies fräuleining it up as they push Paulaner pints on anyone with hands...$3 bratwurst and knockwurst, oozing juice onto flaming grills...Oompah bands blaring raucous songs that no human has ever enjoyed while sober...Nearby hard liquor sources (Ulysses* and Harry's Steak)...Potato pancakes...Fat people eating potato pancakes...But what makes this the best 'Fest in town is the beastly Stone Street setting: laid out in the 1600s by the now-forgotten Dutch and lined with rustic, low-rise buildings, it's the oldest cobblestone street in NYC. To up the Oldworldness, the organizers are lining it with long, Hofbrauhaus-style tables -- so you'll feel like you're in Munich, and not "that park where everybody waits for Shake Shack." Just try not to look up at the Über-American Goldman skyscraper -- or it'll shatter your brau-fueled reverie, and not even a lederhosened Dan Smith will get you back in the Ger-mood.*Don't worry about missing your NCAA games -- Ulysses will be showing them at its bar.