A Montauk boutique hotel

Hamptons excursions are too often marred by overcrowded houses, and neurotic share organizers obsessed with tiny details, like "six extra friends over July 4th", and "money". Vacation from your vacation, at Montauk's Surf Lodge, taking reservations now.A 32-room boutique getaway opening Memorial Day weekend, Surf's the first hotel from the crew behind Goldbar and CAIN (motto: "Dead bros before hos"). Each water-view room's beached up w/ sun-bleached pine floors and hammocks, plus modern amens like flat screens, iPod docks, and wi-fi -- so whenever you want, you can consider the existential thrill ride of reading your own out-of-office message. As for communal accommodations, Surf's sporting three differently stee'd zones: the all-day cocktail bar, a low-slung, couch-bedecked den, plus the indoor/outdoor restaurant, which plates maritime-grub on a 3000sq ft deck that'll also host weekend concerts (first up, Bob Marley's son Julian, the Iron Lion Scion).If you feel compelled to do something, Surf's got you for beach rentals (paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, bicycles), and'll also be giving surf lessons -- an adventure too often marred by your obsession with tiny details, like gnarly wipe outs, and dying.