If you're actually aware that there are students in the Hamptons, you probably only consider them valuable for valeting your parties and ungratefully refusing to return the favor by hiring you for theirs. Now, Hamptons students are putting a shirt on your back, at T-Studio.The T's a collaboration between the new East Hampton Hilfiger store, opened in May with an expansive second floor studio overlooking Main Street, and the Applied Arts SVA in Amagansett, who've augmented their course offerings (The Films of John Cassavetes; Surf's Up, where students photograph local surfers) with a program that allows students to design, press, and sell locally inflected t-shirts, with the pressing done right before the customers' brunch-glazed eyes. New designs are unveiled weekly, the two latest being "I Lived Here Since Before You Were Invited" and "Have You Seen the Pool Boy"; older, still available numbers include a "Local"/"Visitor"/"Unwanted Guest" series, the Jitney schedule, the Lobster Roll logo, and Main Sagg, Georgica & Wiborg beaches; upcoming action runs from a dune fence, to a cougar (the animal, but clearly representing...the animal), to sweater sleeves tied over the shoulders, which'll crack everyone up after they untie the sweater sleeves over your shoulders. Customization's handled on the spot: select the color of the ink and fabric (red, brown, white...cerise?), then place the design wherever you'd like, be it centered, on the side, or, if stripping's the best job you can get with your limited education and hot-but-fading looks, on the lower back. Sweet bonus: Every Saturday the first 50 customers get their shirt for free, losses that'll be partially offset by the donation of the press to the school at the end of the summer. Also, did you steal the Hall & Oates CD out of my Jaguar?