NY sports fans are as die-hard as it gets, but they're limited when it comes to tailgating: it's tough to haul a hibachi on the 7 Train, and riding a bus to Jersey's bad enough without toting a backpack brimming with raw hamburger. Here to enable your pre-game, Tailwaiters

A sophomore in-lot football catering service just now expanding into baseball, soccer, and concerts, Tail's from a trio of Strong Islanders who deliver tasty grub -- and the grill to cook it with -- to the Meadowlands, Yankee Stadium, and CitiField, plus NJ's popular music venue, the IZOD Center (setting for the cult documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lacoste). To get the goods, simply hit the site, select your game/concert, then choose a package, ranging from Basic (14 Hebrew Nat'l dogs, eight patties & cheese slices, bag o' Ruffles and 2lbs coleslaw/macaroni salad/potato salad), to Deluxe (the Basic, with four patties replaced by four sausages and two NY strip steaks), to Premium (the Deluxe, plus 1lb of jumbo shrimp and two filet mignons), all delivered right to the parking spot you've been frantically defending from fans with actual cars. To abet your gluttony, every package comes complete with loaner cooking supplies (the grill, plus folding tables/chairs, condiments, and utensils), an optional chef (for an extra charge), and assorted drinking tools like inflatable beer pong tables, beer funnels, and beer helmets; due to venue regs they can't actually deliver beer, but that's why they invented Mayo Pong

Once the game's over, Tail will pick up their supplies and whatever garbage you've left behind, saving you and the rest of the subway the nuisance of a backpack brimming with salmonella.