Manically creative people don't slow down just because they switch directions -- Joaquin Phoenix once brought a smoldering intensity to his role as Johnny Cash, and now brings that same smoldering intensity to Beard. Pulling it off with gear, Uzi NYC

A Bklyn-based line applying a nutjobbish, anti-mass-market zealotry to tees & hoodies depicting hard-living legends, hard-living maxims, firearms, and the occasional leather-bound sex slave, Uzi began as an Ohio fetishwear purveyor of straight jackets and corsets to "midget hookers and drunken Indians at basement pervert potluck parties" (don't get too smug -- as Ohio goes, so goes the nation). Printed individually by hand, plus pre-washed and "burned" for a vintage feel, Uzi's v-neck, crew, and jersey tee designs cover heavy metal & punk (an Iron Maiden/Spinal Tap/Judas Priest playbill, a Sid-less Nancy), terrifying animals (a rabid doberman, eagle feathers), and boozing, e.g., "Drunk!" in Disney font, and two crossed pistols captioned with "Tip or Die" -- hilarious to wear while hovering expectantly next to a bowl of mints in a men's room. Uzi also hawks five black hoodies screened w/ otherworldly purple designs, including a leopard print, a wall of eerily floating skulls, and swarming bats, for that coveted Scooby-Doo credits look

Uzi sells online but also keeps a small boutique in Williamsburg where they do custom screen printing, possibly even on your own manically creative number, "Jo! Aquin Phoenix Raps".