Now that NYC's blessed with direct train service to AC, it's more important than ever to find out exactly how bad your habit already is -- the better to figure out which poker rooms you can afford, and which pawn shops'll pay more for your dignity. Meticulously track your habit, with WagerLog

A dumbass-proof tracker for gambling winnings and losses, Log was designed by inveterate card jockeys who believe "if you can measure it, you can make it better" (a credo that's led them to waste all their winnings on herbal wang pills). Simply profile up, then create entries that track everything from the gambling date and cash in/out, to session duration & location, to description and category, e.g., poker, blackjack, slots, and "sports betting" -- though when you're desperately wagering on Williams versus Tufts, can you really call it "sports"? Because gamblers can be willfully ignorant of math, Log also auto-divides monies won/lost by time spent gambling to display your overall earn rate -- so if you spend $600 over 3hrs of playing time, you've earned -$200/hr, a comped breakfast buffet, and clothes that smell like emphysema (lookin' good)

Log also lets you download entries to a spreadsheet, allowing for the type of creative slicing and dicing that reveals hidden stats, like comp drinks per hour per dollar, or # of times you're too broke for the train, and must ride home on Peter Pan.