With every new e-medium, there's a short populist window, after which the pros move in -- but hey, Human Giant's way funnier than "JDiggrDog75", and damn, have you seen The Grudge 3's kickass MySpace page? Bringing accomplished ha-ha to Twitter, WitStream.

Beta-launched out of NYC, WitStream's a chronically updated log of Twit-sized bites posted by "a group of hand selected writers, comedians, and all-around brilliant humorists" who'll either slay you with their biting prose, or at least have you thinking that you too could become a writer, comedian, or all-around brilliant humorist. Familiar names include site co-founder Michael Ian Black, who's currently launching a campaign to get his mug on Cheerios boxes, Cheap Seats hosts the Sklar brothers ("Is it wrong for me to want Mad Men to go on for 25 seasons just so I can see Don Draper come up with the idea for Spuds MacKenzie?"), and The Office's apparently thin-skinned Rainn Wilson ("The amount of dickish comments I'm getting is really staggering. You guys really don't HAVE to follow me, you know"). Other luminaries range from Happy Cruelty Day! author Bob Powers ("RIP Captain Lou. He was our John Lennon."), to Weird Al Yankovic, about whom it should be said, "RIP. He was our Captain Lou"

Because WitStream is people, they're throwing a live show at Comix on November 2nd; in the future, they're planning to expand their features, including allowing user comments -- democratically allowing every man a space to carry out his grudge.