World Superhero Registry

You might think all that's preventing you from being a superhero is your lack of a superpower, but a recently unearthed resource proves that what you're really lacking is bubbling insanity, and a MySpace page. See just how unflattering long underwear can be, at the World Superhero Registry.The Registry's a photographic index of everyday, incredibly average citizens who create costumed superhero identities and recount their real-life crime fighting exploits on that shaftest of social networking sites (Current Mood: "Adventurous!"). Besides a glamor shot in exquisitely selected garb (Foxfire's horrifyingly seductive mask, The Eye's...fedora), each entry lists vitals (location, moniker, arch enemy, etc), plus links to profiles sporting blog posts/additional pics/videos, info on affiliated organizations (The Moonlight Club, the Justice Society of Justice), and compelling alternate identity details, e.g., "My wife and I also have an eBay store!". The profiles also list each supe's modus operandi and goals, whether motivated by class struggle (Mexico City's Superbarrio "promotes the rights of workers and the poor"), gender struggle (NYC's Terrifica protects women who've "had a little too much to drink and are in danger of being taken advantage of by men"), or struggle to find something to do on a Saturday (Canada's Polar Man "shovels elders' steps...and entertains children").Most supers seem to recognize their oddball status, with at least one (Utah's "Ghost") affirming "it doesn't matter how many people snicker at us" -- suggesting that, like you, their real superpower is ignoring humiliation.