World's Fittest Man

Witnessing history's a rare privilege. You missed Bannister's four-minute mile and Wilt's 100pt game, but Saturday you can see an athletic feat that puts those to shame, when Paddy Doyle sets the record for "Ultra Fitness Endurance" at Gleason's Gym

Among his staggering accomplishments, the "World's Fittest Man" has banged out 7,860 nonstop pushups, and pulled off 470 burpees in an astonishing 15 minutes (one per 1.9 seconds). Most impressively, he once battled 10 different "world kumite karate" boxers in a nonstop 110-round fight, winning 60 rounds and losing only 47 -- when he cunningly exhausted his opponents by letting them shatter their hands on his hardened, hairless noggin

Saturday, Paddy will attempt to set his 133rd world fitness record. The 5hr ordeal will entail an hour each of:

  • Step-ups on a 12" bench while carrying a 40lb pack

  • Treadmill distance carrying a 40lb pack
  • Stationary cycle distance with no resistance
  • 10meter shuttle runs carrying two 20lb weights
  • Standing 30lb chest presses
  • Of course, even a ruthless machine like Pads needs admirers to cheer wildly behind him. Fellow record holder The Great Throwdini (of knife tossing fame) will be there, and Thrillist has even been enlisted to provide "Nutritional Support".

    So come join us Saturday. History needs you. And so does Paddy.