Year in Headlights

As the year's end approaches and with it thoughts of family, friends, and your impending lonely demise, take solace in all that 2008 brought New York. See you Jan 5th, bro-tard.

Culture: Since knowing is half the battle, men comforted themselves with couples therapy and took further solace in higher learning.

Food/Drink:A silver-skulled necropolis opened in the LES, and an Asgardian pleasure dome opened in Hell's Kitchen, while in an undisclosed location five defenders of the grubiverse formed a Voltron of gluttony.

Gadgets:Blue-collar artisans crafted a device that tested the limits of respectability and the communicable nature of dating.

Gear: Like nebbish bookworms after a bathroom beatdown, men kicked themselves for not dressing impeccably in luxuriant threads.

Service: After discovering a tool that let them meticulously annotate their dry spells, would-be Lotharios said "hell, I'm broke" and began a never-ending bender.

Events: Hoping to sleep with Jan-Michael Vincent, travelers went to infinity and beyond to perfect their yacht rock.