You're Invited

How often have you said to yourself, "Man do I love Thrillist, but as a super-loyal reader, I should be entitled to an even higher, more dazzling level of access and love". If your answer is "yes", then your grammar sucks, but you're also clearly psychic because we've created that next-level hookup. Introducing Thrillist NY Invites.Basically, Invites is the gravy: special goodness for our most loyal NY subscribers, presented only when there's something legitimately great to offer (usually once-per-monthish), providing you with access to bar/restaurant opening parties, private sales, exclusive art shows, glorious festivals, free screenings, special tasting menus, discounted sports tix, product release events, sold-out concerts, and not-awful theater.As if this weren't enough, being an Invites member also gets you first crack at making the guest list for Thrillist's own throwdowns, like last Tuesday's 1000-person blowout, fueled by Cuervo, and joy. All in all, pretty epic stuff -- if you want more, you'll have to prove your loyalty even further, so feel free to stop by the office to eat some fire ants.