Gin and Tonics Are the Secret to a Long Life, Says 100-Year-Old Woman

Forget superfoods and exercise, the secret to long life can be found in a cocktail. At least, that’s what Mabel Jackson believes. The 100-year-old resident of Suffolk, England, credits her long life to the six Gin & Tonics she consumes daily, according to the Suffolk Gazette. Jackson first started regularly drinking gin at the age of 18. To date, she has consumed the equivalent of 4,264 bottles of the stuff, primarily in Gin & Tonics.

"I have two at lunchtime, one at tea time with a biscuit and then three more during the evening while I do my knitting," she told the Gazette. Adorable.

Of course, there’s no medically-sound evidence that gin has kept Jackson alive, and she is considered a “heavy drinker” (eight or more drinks a week) by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Still, her daughter Mary Whiteside thinks the drink has preserved her like one of our favorite cocktail garnishes.

"Mum has always been a bit of a character," Whiteside told the Gazette. "She loves a tipple, and to be honest, it seems to have preserved her, like a good pickle."

Jackson isn’t the only woman in her hundreds that claims alcohol is the secret to long life. Last year, Worcestershire, England, resident Grace Jones attributed her longevity to “a little drop of whiskey every night,” and a New Jersey woman credited Miller High Life and shots of Johnny Walker Blue for her 110 years. We’re certainly not suggesting that getting drunk daily will make you live longer, but you can’t help but wonder if these ladies are on to something. We can tell you one thing for sure: We’ll definitely be having a Gin & Tonic after work today.