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107-Year-Old Champion Drinks Irish Coffee Every Morning

We all have days where we need to add a little pep to our coffee (pep is our code word for whiskey). But our morning routine has nothing on Mariano “Pops” Rotelli, a 107-year-old hero who starts every day with an Irish Coffee. According to The Newnan Times-Herald, Rotelli credits his longevity to the daily spiking ritual, which he claims to have practiced for the past 100 years—implying he started when he was 7 years old.

Other supercentenarians have cited booze as the key to eternal life, but Rotelli is an especially inspiring case, particularly because of his delightful perspective. “I went to the doctor three times in 100 years,” Rotelli said at his recent 107th birthday party. “He’s dead. I’m still living.” The enduring imbiber adds that others should relax and treat every day like a holiday too.

While Rotelli will happily accept any whiskey brand in his morning Joe, he often enjoys Jim Beam Black. For reaching such an impressive age, and for generally inspiring us to enjoy a long life to the fullest, we’d like to buy Pops a bottle of something special, tipped into a steaming mug of coffee, of course.