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111-Year-Old Drank Three Miller High Lifes a Day

We at Supercall would like to extend a very happy belated birthday to Agnes Fenton of New Jersey, who turned 111-years-old last month after a long, model life of restrained but respectable boozing. Since 1943, Fenton has been drinking three cans of Miller High Life every day per her doctor's orders—until very recently.

While the Miller High Life was prescribed to her by the coolest doctor ever, Fenton mixed it up occasionally with “a good shot of booze,” her favorite being Johnnie Walker Blue blended Scotch whisky. Clearly Fenton heard all of those stories about a dram a day keeping the doctor away.

Unfortunately, Fenton no longer keeps up with her boozy prescription, since her current caregivers do not want her drinking alcohol at her age—clearly having learned nothing from her foolproof 100-year-old system.  

To celebrate her birthday and secure your own longevity, try mixing up our Elixir of Life, which includes Fenton’s Miller High Life, along with other secret ingredients from centenarians, like whiskey, gin and sushi.