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Full Bottles of Brandy Discovered at 200-Year-Old Pub

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: So, construction workers in Manchester, England, walk into a bar—well, the ruins of one. Think the very opposite of the Menagerie Bar that opened last month. The crew recently unearthed a 200-year-old pub called the Astley Arms at the site of a future apartment building and found not only proprietary crockery, but also intact bottles of brandy.

According to the The Week, the builders found 20 bottles, about three or four of which still contained brandy. Though the drinkability and ownership of the brandy have yet to be worked out, the crew did take the liberty of popping one open to take a whiff. “You can still smell it,” said James Alderson, the site developer. Along with the bottles, archeologists working at the site found drinkware custom-made for Thomas Evans, the landlord of the pub back in 1821, as well as remains from a few other buildings. Some of the found items will even be put on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

While the excavation of centuries-old brandy probably won’t get as much coverage as the recovery of Richard III’s remains from beneath a parking lot, we think the discovery of extra (extra, extra, extra) old brandy is worthy of a celebration. We can only hope the intrepid discoverers snuck a few swigs before handing off the archaic booze.