7 Brilliant Ways Bars are Using Pokémon GO

Businesses may not be able to tell you what a Rattata is or commiserate with your need for more Meowth candy, but they are still capitalizing on Pokémon GO—using the insanely popular app to entice people to come inside.

Restaurants are already factoring “Pokémon lures” into their monthly budgets, and bars are fully embracing the phenomenon as a means of tempting people in for a quick drink with their Pikachu.

Take a look at some of the ways bars are brilliantly capitalizing on the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO.

Mewtwo was here

Casc, a cigar and scotch bar in the UK, put up “Mewtwo was here” signs on their tables. And while there is evidence that legendaries do exist in the game, it’s highly unlikely Mewtwo actually made an appearance in the bar. Even so, we’d be willing to risk it. Worst case scenario: We end up drinking scotch.

Team Mystic Bar

A Redditor posted a picture of a Virginia bar called the Artful Dodger, which put out a sign claiming any Pokémon GO player on Team Mystic (one of three teams players can join in the game) gets 10 percent off their drinks. It looks like the sign rotates through teams, so you can bet Virginia Pokémon trainers have their eye on this bar, waiting for that team discount (TEAM VALOR ALL THE WAY!).

Pokémon love beer

Do they love beer, Mad Fox Brewing Company? We know they love Razz Berries, but we have seen no evidence that Pokémon have a penchant for a pint. But you know who does? (Of age) Pokémon GO players who are looking to spend their day sipping drinks and catching Pokémon.

Some not-so-friendly places

Some spots are a bit blunter than others, demanding compensation for Pokémon.


The two-for-one

Some spots are lucky enough to be near one Pokéstop, but a bar that’s within two Pokéstops? That’s the jackpot. You can’t pass up a place where you can grab a drink and stock up on Pokéballs.

This bar wins

Is Pokémon GO extra popular in Virginia? Because John Strongbow’s Tavern in Alexandria is hitting the trend hard. The bar not only highlights the fact that it’s within a two-block radius of two different gyms and a couple of Pokéstops, it also created three special Pokémon cocktails for players: the Blue Squirtle, the Pikachu and the Charming Charmander.

You win, John Strongbow’s Tavern. Shut up and take our money.