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Absolut Will Hire You to Drink Vodka

As the old saying goes, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, if what you love is drinking vodka, then we have the perfect job for you.

Absolut Vodka is hiring a new “Billion Dollar Nose” to spot industry trends, create new vodkas and promote the brand around the world. Essentially, the company is looking for someone to come up with the next Absolut Citron and spark a global craze. In the meantime, though, the lucky hiree will mostly be tasting, smelling and blending vodka to their heart’s content in their own personal vodka laboratory.

The new employee will replace sensory design director Per Hermansson, who is retiring after 35 years in the business. Hermansson is leaving some seriously big bottles to fill, having created innovative (if somewhat odd) products like Absolut OAK—a barrel-aged vodka targeted at whiskey drinkers.

To get the job you’ll need to do more than prove you can drink vodka, though. Per the job listing, the ideal candidate is a tastemaker and trendspotter, a leader and entrepreneur, a storyteller and a star, and a doer and a team player. Of course, being a supertaster like Hermansson doesn’t hurt either. If that sounds like you, then step right up and apply. And just remember who shared this career-making tip with you: Supercall. We’re partial to Absolut Pears, if you were thinking about sending us a thank you gift.