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Stephen Colbert Out-Authentics Matthew McConaughey In New Booze Spot

As we reported last week, Wild Turkey has unveiled its new creative director, actor Matthew McConaughey, he of the bongos and the Lincolns and the earnestness. According to Wild Turkey’s marketing team, McConaughey will write, direct and record music for a series of videos highlighting the brand.

But no one out-earnests Stephen Colbert. We’re not saying the two celebrities are competing, but Colbert plans to “write, direct, key grip, intern for and craft service” a series of videos for new liquor brand Savage Cock, a 190-proof grain alcohol that “refuses to pander us with things like smooth flavor or potability.”

Echoing McConaughey's sentiment in his spots, Colbert reports from the front lines of the authenticity wars, noting that, “Millennials crave authenticity. Almost as much as they crave commercials.”

Watch the whole clip below, then raise a glass “to realness and not falling for any cheap advertising gimmicks.”