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This Adult Lemonade Stand Is Selling Boozy Lemonade Popsicles

We used to think there was no better summer joy than stumbling upon a lemonade stand manned by an ambitious kid slinging citrusy refreshments—but we were wrong. That title now goes to the new FrutaPOP pop-up, a totally grown-up lemonade stand selling boozy lemon popsicles.

Every Friday this summer, the popsicle pop-up will appear at the Garden Bar at Pergola in New York City, where it will offer Petal Poptails made with Tito’s vodka, elderflower and lemonade. To clearly distinguish the pops from other boozy popsicle vendors, the popsicles are even dotted with edible flowers, providing an extra flowery flourish. Pergola is even finding inventive ways to serve the boozy pops, from Champagne flutes to whole pineapples.

If you’d like to enjoy the pops in the comfort of your own air-conditioned pad, you can order freezer packs straight from FrutaPOP in flavors like Coconut Rose Sangria, Guava Cosmo and Piña Colada. While we wouldn’t fault you for the shut-in approach on a triple-digit-degree day, we are pretty charmed by the idea of breezing by a boozy lemonade stand and popping in for a pop, “totally by accident.”

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