This Vodka Is Made From Clouds and Distilled 49 Times

Have you ever looked at the clouds on an especially humid day and thought about how delicious those clouds would be if they were just vodka? Joe Fenten, the founder of Hilton Head Distillery in South Carolina, did just that, and the result is Aermoor Vodka.

Aermoor is made from a molasses base and distilled a seemingly excessive 49 times in a copper pot still. Then it’s proofed, or brought down to 40 percent ABV, using water from a custom air water generator that “pulls water vapors out of Hilton Head Island’s humid air, filters, and collects them,” according to the company website. Aermoor drinkers are, essentially, refreshing themselves with the atmospheric moisture that makes summer days so unbearably hot and muggy.

“As long as there is humidity in the air, we’re able to generate a proofing water unlike any other spirit company in the world,” Fenten told Esquire. “The water is less acidic, creating a smooth mouthfeel, less stringency and better drinkability.”

It’s like using filtered rain water, but skipping the part where you have to wait for the rain to fall. Aermoor is the first to use an air water generator (Fenten designed it himself), but it’s not the first to use moisture from the air. Hangar 1 in San Francisco created a vodka called Fog Point that drew on the city’s famous fog. The difference is that Hangar 1 uses mesh sheets that saturate to the point of condensation to turn the fog into water rather than using a generator.

South Carolina surely won’t be running out of humidity any time soon, giving Hilton Head Distillery a reliable renewable resource. Cheers to Fenten having his head in the clouds.