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Booze Could Help Your Sperm Count

Alcohol has fueled its share of one night stands (and hampered many more), but a new study says that booze could also help partners looking for more than quick romance—those hoping to conceive. For the study, in the journal Andrology, an Italian team of scientists from the Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico hospital in Milan found a positive correlation between men’s moderate alcohol intake and their sperm volume, count and motility.

According to Cosmos (note the “s” at the end there, meaning this is not the Cosmo you may be familiar with for its questionable sex advice), the team studied a group of over 300 men who were patients at an infertility clinic, comparing aspects of their lifestyles including their occupations and recreational activities and other factors like their weights. Armed with that information, the researchers singled out drinking as a significant indicator of fertility. The men who drank regularly showed the healthiest sperm compared to men who chose not to drink at all.

While the scientists found a correlation between drinkers and fertility, they noted the amount of drinks men drank per week played a large part. Four to seven per week seemed to be the magic number, while those who drank fewer or more drinks per week failed to match up. As Elena Ricci, who led the study, pointed out, the key seemed to be balanced consumption—finding the sweet spot where the alcohol starts to help but no so much that it could cause damage. “Since the dose makes the poison, they are counselled to limit but not avoid alcohol,” she said.